Exploring Culinary Bliss at Jibby East

Commanding attention in the heart of Malaysia’s culinary scene, Jibby East stands as a beacon of delight for food enthusiasts. Nestled in the vibrant streets, this restaurant beckons patrons to embark on a gastronomic odyssey like no other. Join us as we uncover the captivating flavors, the warm ambiance, and the cultural fusion that define the essence of Jibby East.

Savor the Essence of Malaysia at Jibby East.

Jibby East, the menu is a testament to the rich tapestry of Malaysian cuisine. Commanding attention are the aromatic Nasi Lemak, the tantalizing Satay, and the flavorful Roti Canai. Each dish tells a story, carrying the heritage and tradition of Malaysia on a plate. From the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur to the serene landscapes of Penang, Jibby East transports diners through a culinary journey that celebrates the diversity of the nation..

Nasi Lemak Royale

Immerse yourself in the regal flavors of Jibby East with the Nasi Lemak Royale. Fragrant coconut rice, accompanied by a symphony of sambal, anchovies, peanuts, and a perfectly poached egg, this dish commands attention on the menu.

Laksa Euphoria Bowl

Dive into a bowl of pure bliss with Jibby East’s Laksa Euphoria. This aromatic noodle soup commands attention with its rich, coconut-infused broth, generously filled with succulent prawns, shredded chicken, and a medley of fresh herbs.

Satay Symphony Skewers

Let the Satay Symphony Skewers take your taste buds on a delightful journey. Marinated in a secret blend of spices, succulent skewers of grilled chicken, beef, and lamb come together, harmonizing flavors that command attention.

Jibby East: Where Malaysian Flavors Come to Life!

Beyond the delectable dishes, Jibby East orchestrates an ambiance that commands relaxation. The warm hues, the subtle lighting, and the fusion of contemporary and traditional decor create an inviting atmosphere. Whether you’re seeking a cozy corner for an intimate conversation or a lively space for a group celebration, Jibby East’s ambiance adapts to your desires.

Discover the Art of Dining, Mastered by Jibby East.

Jibby East doesn’t merely showcase traditional Malaysian dishes; it commands culinary innovation. The chefs at Jibby East skillfully infuse modern twists into classic recipes, presenting a menu that surprises and delights. From creative renditions of local favorites to inventive dessert selections, every dish is a masterpiece, elevating the dining experience to new heights.

Jibby East: Where Tradition Meets Innovation in Every Dish.

Delightful gastronomic escapade at Jibby East, where the artistry of flavors takes center stage. From the succulent Satay Symphony Skewers to the comforting embrace of the Laksa Euphoria Bowl, our menu promises an effortless journey through the vibrant landscape of Malaysian cuisine. At Jibby East, tradition dances with innovation, resulting in a dining experience that is both engaging and a breeze to savor. With an ambiance that effortlessly blends sophistication and comfort, we invite you to command your taste adventure and relish the storytelling prowess of our chefs in each meticulously crafted dish. Whether it’s an intimate gathering or a joyous celebration, Jibby East is your canvas for an essay of flavors and memories.

Jibby East

Address: Lot G-29, Ground Floor, Empire Shopping Gallery, Jalan SS16/1, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.


Jibby and Co

Address: 234-B, Jalan Harapan, Section 19, 46300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Jibby Chow

Address: KL East Mall, LG-69, Lower Ground Floor, Jalan Lingkaran Tengah 2, 53100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


Customer Love for jibby east

In the upcoming segments, we will delve deeper into the signature dishes, the culinary expertise behind the scenes, and the stories that make Jibby East a must-visit destination for food connoisseurs. Join us as we navigate the realms of taste and tradition at Jibby East, where every bite tells a tale of culinary excellence.

Jibby East
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Shaniel SuhaimiShaniel Suhaimi
05:43 07 Apr 24
I break my fast here. Have to pay before booking. The atmosphere is really goodI ordered chicken spaghetti carbonara. The price of food is a little expensive for a small portion, but the food is delicious. The food arrived a little late
Akmal SyafasAkmal Syafas
02:57 31 Mar 24
I dine in during heavy rain, even with that, the experience was great. Great place to catch up with your friends.
aida hannanaida hannan
18:58 28 Mar 24
Friendly staff. The guards also very kind help me out fr heavy rain. The food n potion is nice.
Foreign waiters/eses still to know Bahasa Melayu. Not bad, but can certainly improve.
13:42 25 Mar 24
Nice food, great place.
Mimi Aryani MustaphaMimi Aryani Mustapha
10:28 12 Mar 24
Really love their crispy calamari salad!
Mohd Taufik IshakMohd Taufik Ishak
10:57 10 Mar 24
All is great. Except the price, lean toward expensive. But service is top rated. Sometime u want to pamper your stomach and having some different environment eating out with ur family, this is a goto spot.
Eifa AtifahEifa Atifah
13:33 05 Mar 24
Waiter Amna is so good!
Hazlinam HamzahHazlinam Hamzah
06:00 05 Mar 24
The food good and delicious. Very good services by name amna
Alisya Mohd IsmailAlisya Mohd Ismail
13:57 02 Mar 24
Really happy with the food and service! Everything was great. Shoutout to Amnah that serve our family wholeheartedly. We appreciate it so much!
Najib ChejamelNajib Chejamel
13:57 02 Mar 24
Satisfied serving by Amnah..all orders followed..great order follow up..good communication as well..
Azmina OsmanAzmina Osman
13:56 02 Mar 24
Iqmal Mohd IsmailIqmal Mohd Ismail
13:52 02 Mar 24
very good service from Amnah 👍
Rahimi OsmanRahimi Osman
13:51 02 Mar 24
03:54 28 Feb 24
Recalling when I first visited 2 years back (photos taken) and today here again for a private VIP 2-room booking, this restaurant goes far beyond its menu and ambient. We truly appreciate the privacy and hospitality of Mr Salman and team, also Ms Tiffany who've been but only warm and courteous. Our early booking with Mr Salman, the manager here has shown his sheer dedication and sincerity. A gem of a manager where many eateries could do with. Thanks again!
Fareez ZahirFareez Zahir
12:10 27 Feb 24
Friendly staff and great service by Amnah
Akid DarwishAkid Darwish
11:28 26 Feb 24
Ida SamadIda Samad
11:08 26 Feb 24
Staffs and service were very nice. Environment pleasant and lovely. Food variety & delicious. Will come again.
11:08 26 Feb 24
Nice place!Delicious food
Izzat HarunIzzat Harun
11:07 26 Feb 24
Mohd Salleh A WahabMohd Salleh A Wahab
11:06 26 Feb 24
Had a small occasion for my boss farewell dinner. ordered salmon dish with ginger ale. Food is so delicious.p/s love the ginger ale ❤️❤️
syaza mazlynsyaza mazlyn
09:26 25 Feb 24
the food and place is good. Amna service is tiptoppp
Izuan ArifIzuan Arif
09:22 25 Feb 24
Aida AhamidAida Ahamid
06:43 25 Feb 24
We have great experience here with great service from Mr Momin. Thank youuu
Lyana AzlyLyana Azly
06:32 25 Feb 24
Nor Asikin JaafarNor Asikin Jaafar
06:31 25 Feb 24
eliya azmeeliya azme
13:05 24 Feb 24
Nora EkinNora Ekin
08:44 24 Feb 24
Aqiff HalimAqiff Halim
08:44 24 Feb 24
Very friendly staff,good food presentation 🔥
Hasmira SalmiHasmira Salmi
13:26 23 Feb 24
It is amazing ! Their service is the best! This is our first time and they always checking on us. There is a waitress name Amna and she really kind and love her service ! Definitely gonna come again!
Ah LunnnAh Lunnn
08:06 23 Feb 24
Klean machine only
Tiny LuluTiny Lulu
08:58 22 Feb 24
5 star service !!!
Atiq SxtanAtiq Sxtan
08:56 22 Feb 24
This place very nice and the food was great.
Tayyaba NoorTayyaba Noor
12:10 19 Feb 24
Delicious food. Special thanks to Amna for being awesome!
Nasyibah Ab RahmanNasyibah Ab Rahman
11:53 19 Feb 24
All foods are goods 👍🏻 Good service also from Amna 👍🏻
Afiq AizuddinAfiq Aizuddin
11:53 19 Feb 24
Great food n service especially from the waitress,Amna
Hakim NgainanHakim Ngainan
07:09 18 Feb 24
Amna such a friendly staff. Great experience 🤩
06:08 13 Feb 24
We went here last 2 weeks for our early dinner. Ordered the steak (Australian Angus grain fed beef), honey mustard sauce, sweet potato fries for the sides, and pan-fried salmon steak.Pros• Ample parking space (free)• A surau on the left side of the building next to the washroom.• Delicious food.• Cosy and aesthetic environment.Cons/Improvement• We had a new server, so she was fumbling a lil bit while we ordered and even forgetting to ask us on the sides for the steak.
fezrai rezzafezrai rezza
09:37 11 Feb 24
06:53 11 Feb 24
Umira Baizura RajaliUmira Baizura Rajali
06:16 11 Feb 24
Service and food so great!! Love the vibes and ambience ❤️
Delicious food, nice staff and great atmosphere...
Basirah FauziBasirah Fauzi
14:57 10 Feb 24
Haziq MuhyidinHaziq Muhyidin
13:54 10 Feb 24
This place has great potential and has decent food. However every time I come here, the service is slow and they get my orders wrong. They should work on this.
Anis Nabilah MzaAnis Nabilah Mza
01:25 10 Feb 24
Had a pleasant night with an excellent service from our waitress, Hamna. Thank you for the memorable night in conjunction with our daughter’s first birthday!
Danial Haqeem HazmiDanial Haqeem Hazmi
13:01 09 Feb 24
13:01 09 Feb 24
The pizza was the best here! and ofcourse i like the waitress amna
Asfvin PugunisparamAsfvin Pugunisparam
12:16 09 Feb 24
Food was good. Besides that Amna was very kind and helpful from the moment we sat on our table till we left. Its always a good blessing to have kind people around. Good job.
12:14 09 Feb 24
Amna was very attentive to our needs. Food was okay
Nur Izzah InsyirahNur Izzah Insyirah
13:32 06 Feb 24
The best place to eat ! The staff is very friendly🥰 AMNA is very helpful
zul Iskandarzul Iskandar
10:04 06 Feb 24
Nice serving from staff name Amna
Good atmosphere and food. Amna is also very attentive. We recommend spaghetti carbonara
Amna, She is a good girl, Very friendly and charmer!
Amna is a great waitress! She so friendly and nice! Pasta carbonara super delicious!
Fauziah binti Yusof _Fauziah binti Yusof _
09:39 04 Feb 24
Thank you Amnah for your good service
Inra IdrusInra Idrus
09:20 04 Feb 24
good service by Amna 👍👍👍
mohd naimmohd naim
06:05 04 Feb 24
Rina AliRina Ali
14:05 03 Feb 24
Great service and friendly staff by Ammna. Love it and food was great.
Fara ZulkifliFara Zulkifli
14:02 03 Feb 24
The food was great and all the waiters are very friendly especially Amna. Thank you!
Wan Syakil HalimWan Syakil Halim
14:01 03 Feb 24
Our server Amna was friendly and attentive.
Fathimah ZulkifliFathimah Zulkifli
14:00 03 Feb 24
Muhd Yatim AbdullahMuhd Yatim Abdullah
13:59 03 Feb 24
Faez RosliFaez Rosli
02:05 03 Feb 24
Dont eat steak here unless u wanna get scam by them !! U order ribeye 200g++ (rm150++) then when wan to pay, they said rm580. They said oh we dont have small steak only have 700g++. And also we(waiter) forget to tell u before. Totally scam. Btw their steak is not so good. Their sos really bad. To many steakhouse much more better this this. Period!!!
Fara HanizFara Haniz
10:34 02 Feb 24
good foods and service from staff amna
Azwan IzaniAzwan Izani
10:34 02 Feb 24
Ezad IbrahimEzad Ibrahim
09:51 02 Feb 24
Its really good food.. and good served by amna…
Key of HeavenKey of Heaven
11:04 01 Feb 24
I loved the atmosphere and everything was perfect.
Food was great. Amna and the team deserves a shout-out
Milabalqis FamilyMilabalqis Family
13:49 29 Jan 24
Good food ,awesome place and 5 star ServiceThanks to Amna
Nor Atieqah HalimNor Atieqah Halim
13:39 28 Jan 24
The food was delicious!! My family and I had Carbonara pasta, Mexican mixed grill, and Creamy mushroom soup. Eeverything was good. The staff were friendly, especially Amna.
nor amierahnor amierah
13:35 28 Jan 24
Had my sister’s birthday here. The food here were so delicious. Great service from the staff Amna. Very friendly👍🏻
athierah halimathierah halim
13:34 28 Jan 24
The food and ambiance were great. We always come here to celebrate birthdays. Great service from Amna as well. Thank you so muchhhh!
Puteri JajaPuteri Jaja
12:43 28 Jan 24
Nadia AnuarNadia Anuar
09:22 28 Jan 24
The atmosphere was perfect, creating a relaxed and chill environment that enhanced my dining experience. And thanks to Amna , her attentive service and the delicious food made the evening truly enjoyable.
Ziqry GhanyZiqry Ghany
13:39 27 Jan 24
Nice ambience . The food and service is good. Amna
Cynthia LiyanaCynthia Liyana
13:38 27 Jan 24
Amna was lovely. Food was delish too
Everything nice! Amna provide good and polite service. Will definately come again
Received good service and all the food are good!
Hanif HamzahHanif Hamzah
13:54 25 Jan 24
Thank you Amnah for the great service !
Nur Sabrina NoorazamNur Sabrina Noorazam
07:45 25 Jan 24
our waitress, Amna, was very welcoming and friendly..
Food was good and the ambience was very chill. we were served by Amna who was very friendly and soft spoken. Had a good time and will come again
Izzat BonIzzat Bon
06:15 25 Jan 24
Amnah very good
Akif ShaharudinAkif Shaharudin
13:54 23 Jan 24
everything was so good here thank you for Amna waiter for serving us
Fazlina IrwanFazlina Irwan
13:47 23 Jan 24
Amna is the one who serve us. The service, foods, and everything was perfect, gonna repeat it again.
Syarul NezamSyarul Nezam
13:45 23 Jan 24
11:32 22 Jan 24
service was fast thanks to Amna.food is satisfying
Suzana KhalidSuzana Khalid
13:31 21 Jan 24
Food maintain delicious. Amna and all waittess are helpful and friendly
Malyanah RosliMalyanah Rosli
11:42 21 Jan 24
Amna is so friendly and helpful. Attend to our request immediately
Muhammad AshrafMuhammad Ashraf
11:41 21 Jan 24
Great service by the waiter - Amna
Amy AmirulAmy Amirul
09:41 21 Jan 24
Good service from AMNA
Great Service by Amnah
Fifie MieraFifie Miera
14:34 20 Jan 24
Great ambience and service by Amna
Alef EffeeAlef Effee
13:40 20 Jan 24
Awesome thanks (amna)..
Balqish HamdanBalqish Hamdan
13:22 20 Jan 24
Great food and environment. Was served by Amna, a very polite and soft spoken server and has provided such a wonderful service. Overall, one of the best dining experience.
05:59 20 Jan 24
Very good customer service. Waiter named Amna was very polite and helpful. Would love to come here again nxt time!
Muhammad Fitri RoslanMuhammad Fitri Roslan
05:57 20 Jan 24
Amna is very sweet and helpful for the birthday cake
Youre the best amna!
farah izzatifarah izzati
13:57 19 Jan 24
Best birthday celebration ever, thank you Amna for assisting the dinner! Love it ♥️
Atirah Perodua KLAtirah Perodua KL
13:50 19 Jan 24
Good service by Amna. Thank you
huda balqishuda balqis
13:26 19 Jan 24
amiratul izanaamiratul izana
11:17 19 Jan 24
The waitress, Amna served us very well! Love the way we’ve been treated!
ain erlissaain erlissa
14:05 18 Jan 24
VERY GOOD!! fav restaurant always❤️ i really love AMNA !! she is so adorable n polite . much love for her ❤️❤️🫶🏻
Nina AzharNina Azhar
13:22 18 Jan 24
Shaun ChooShaun Choo
12:59 18 Jan 24
Zamil AzmiZamil Azmi
12:57 16 Jan 24
Ummi EzzatieUmmi Ezzatie
14:06 15 Jan 24
Best service ever. Food all delicious. Staff all friendly and helpful especially Amna. Tqvm for the service, take our photo many times. We are happy with the service!
Hashima AzmiHashima Azmi
08:18 15 Jan 24
Amalina RosliAmalina Rosli
08:13 15 Jan 24
Alhamdulillah good experience with Amnah
Raizo 420Raizo 420
05:54 15 Jan 24
Calming & so comfort surrounding
nur alya zaharahnur alya zaharah
11:17 14 Jan 24
The waitress named amna is very nice and kind
Haziq HazwanHaziq Hazwan
06:15 14 Jan 24
Perfect ambience for dating or family function. Good service from Amna
aishah zulkifliaishah zulkifli
14:12 13 Jan 24
The food and ambience was perfect. Thank you for great service.
wanshamim hakimiwanshamim hakimi
14:09 13 Jan 24
amna good people
Fendi RidzuanFendi Ridzuan
08:30 13 Jan 24
Place a bit small and crowded but the food is good delicious. Great service by waitress Amna
Zaid ZubirZaid Zubir
13:28 12 Jan 24
Good food and good service, ordered fish and chips , and beef lasagna. Very well cooked. Good chef. Thank you amnah for serving and suggesting food to us.
Maziah MuntakMaziah Muntak
12:42 12 Jan 24
The place was extraordinary good, feel special when dining, kind of having a private moment with my husband for his birthday. Food was tasty and flavourish lamb recipe. Pizza was also tasty and have their own recipe. Thank you to the waitress Amna that keep giving a good services and keep follow up with us regarding our table 🥰🥰🥰😘 enjoying our time at Jibby East ❤️❤️!!
Nadia MarakanNadia Marakan
08:28 12 Jan 24
Thanks amna for the great service!
Nur Erna Mat GhazaliNur Erna Mat Ghazali
08:08 12 Jan 24
06:14 12 Jan 24
Amnah ok
Najihah ZulkifliNajihah Zulkifli
15:45 11 Jan 24
Arrived here as soon it opened at 11am for brunch.. ordered mexicana seafood grill and soft shell crab burger with sweet potato.. Also ordered mantou for sharing.. The menu has not been changed ever since for the last 5 years i guess haha.. Nothing to complain, enjoyed the food much, everything taste good here, just prepare for the pocket and stomach..
Amir AjaAmir Aja
23:51 10 Jan 24
Ratna SalehRatna Saleh
07:24 10 Jan 24
The menu hasn't been updated for quite a few years. It might be time for a change to keep things fresh and appealing.I came here because it was not crowded, and the waitress, Anma, provided good service. She's really nice.
Hestia MarianHestia Marian
13:13 09 Jan 24
Great service from Ms. Amna. The food are so good and it's recommended restaurant
Alya AzraAlya Azra
11:28 09 Jan 24
food is good. Thank u Amna for serving us. good hospitality
aisya qistinaaisya qistina
11:28 09 Jan 24
staff service 10/10 especially Amna 🥰
vicky alagandranvicky alagandran
05:01 09 Jan 24
Amna was great
safinah fudzilsafinah fudzil
06:45 08 Jan 24
My husband and I went to Jibby East for our 2nd anniversary. We had our all time fav Thai BBQ boneless Beef Ribs. This time, we were assisted by Ms. Amna, she was very friendly and helpful in taking photos for our memories. Thank you very much!
Amirul Hazmi DanialAmirul Hazmi Danial
06:39 08 Jan 24
Perfect. If you want to have any celebrations please come here, food is good and the service is top notch. Assisted by amna all the way from serving food to taking photos and videos. This year anniversary celebration feels so special.. 😊
Nur Shaira Mohd YusoffNur Shaira Mohd Yusoff
06:00 08 Jan 24
The customer service done by Amna was really good and attentive.
AneesaDiyana AzliAneesaDiyana Azli
10:04 07 Jan 24
Amna was great! Tq
The service is good 👍 (AMNAH)
Lynn NoorazlinaLynn Noorazlina
11:57 06 Jan 24
Everything is good. Credit to amna
siti rauzasiti rauza
11:56 06 Jan 24
Thanks for the service. We love the food and advice by staff about food also great. Thanks Amna for treat us well
Syasya SyahirahSyasya Syahirah
11:53 06 Jan 24
Everything was good including meals and environment. Thanks to Amna for serves well 🫶🏻 thank you.
Amna NadhirahAmna Nadhirah
11:51 06 Jan 24
Everything's good! Thanks to Amna 🫶🏻
Megat ZulkarnainMegat Zulkarnain
11:48 06 Jan 24
good vibe and great food also good service from Amna
Atie MajidAtie Majid
01:24 06 Jan 24
Love the steak, awesome!
Amna was very kind to us
Aniessa Abd RahmanAniessa Abd Rahman
11:14 03 Jan 24
Good and friendly staff Amna
11:13 03 Jan 24
Amna is very friendly and helpful
Hazwani ArisHazwani Aris
16:59 02 Jan 24
Jaja JajaJaja Jaja
13:53 02 Jan 24
Amna was so good, food was so super delicious
Sayyidatu HaryaniSayyidatu Haryani
13:45 02 Jan 24
All good, thanks amna for the services
Fiffy SizaFiffy Siza
13:43 02 Jan 24
everything was good , the food, the ambience , staff name amna was really nice and friendly 🥰 .. great experience indeed
Farahliana AbdmanapFarahliana Abdmanap
11:07 02 Jan 24
Good service by amna
Alia ZahirudinAlia Zahirudin
07:49 01 Jan 24
Nice place to hangout but a bit hot during lunch time. The food is superb! We’ve been served by Amna, good service!
Siti Aishah OthmanSiti Aishah Othman
06:27 01 Jan 24
Arizal Abdul RahmanArizal Abdul Rahman
04:24 31 Dec 23
always busy but worth it to go and eat here, tasteful dishes
Pui Wen TanPui Wen Tan
09:12 30 Dec 23
A place on its own with parking available.Friendly attentive staff.Good pesto pasta to try!Salmon with Tuscan sauce is good too.
Hafidz SelamatHafidz Selamat
05:06 30 Dec 23
Aman was very nice and really helpful
Irwanto IskandarIrwanto Iskandar
04:41 30 Dec 23
Staff Amna is very friendly, approachable and always there to assist and attend to your needs. The place also have a nice ambience and the food is delicious. Recommended to come here👍🏽
Idham RosliIdham Rosli
23:58 29 Dec 23
Recommended for Pizza.Mantao is deliciously crunchy but its small size makes it easy to eat.Crab egg chili sauce is really good but too sweet. the restaurant needs to improve the sweetness to a little spicy.
nurin afrinanurin afrina
06:28 29 Dec 23
thank you for the best service , amna and momen 🆙
Sheila EndutSheila Endut
06:28 29 Dec 23
Good service by Amna
The foods were good (carbonara and beef noodle soup), and the service was excellent. Amna, the waitress, was very kind and helpful to us (including other waiters too) 😊
Alia JaysalAlia Jaysal
13:10 27 Dec 23
Was serve by Amna, ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
11:28 27 Dec 23
great food and service
11:28 27 Dec 23
Amna served us great! Quick and very soft spoken, food was superb too! 🤍
Nur IzzatiNur Izzati
05:32 27 Dec 23
Nice foodrecommended…
Md Saifur RahmanMd Saifur Rahman
05:30 27 Dec 23
Lim Teik JinLim Teik Jin
00:16 26 Dec 23
One of our orders were not served. We asked one waiter to check. He never come back to us. Waited and asked another, by then the others already finished with their main meal. Finally after waiting for darn long was it served. I ask to speak with the restaurant manager, he didn't make an effort to do so.We ask for (we had all ordered drinks) our water to be refilled, the waitress (whom we requested this) was seen chatting away and didn't refill our glasses until we reminded her, was like a full 15 to 20 mins later.𝑾𝒂𝒔𝒏'𝒕 𝑨 𝑷𝒍𝒆𝒂𝒔𝒂𝒏𝒕 & 𝑮𝒐𝒐𝒅 𝑫𝒊𝒏𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝑬𝒙𝒑𝒆𝒓𝒊𝒆𝒏𝒄𝒆 𝑨𝒕 𝑻𝒉𝒊𝒔 𝑷𝒍𝒂𝒄𝒆.
Relax RushRelax Rush
23:12 25 Dec 23
Food was good, with reasonable price.Service was ok, maybe next time they should allow for reservation to be made even with 2 person.
Hadijah Muhammad aliHadijah Muhammad ali
10:30 16 Dec 23
Other than good foods ,Great hospitality by a girl named Amna.keep it up
The food is nice, especially the asian menu!! The staff is super friendly, especially Amna. Love her!
Fildza AmirahFildza Amirah
09:52 16 Dec 23
Good food with great ambience. The server, Amna is great with the hospitality. Give her a raise!
farah azirahfarah azirah
09:52 16 Dec 23
Amna is very good at customer service.
customer servicecustomer service
11:26 15 Dec 23
Service was excellent by Amna 🤍The food was great. Love , Nana 🌹
the food was damn gooddddd 😭🫶🏻. and the waitress Amna is so kind. she offered to take our photo
firdaus ashraaffirdaus ashraaf
12:24 10 Dec 23
Munirah HusniMunirah Husni
05:56 09 Dec 23
The food is great. The ambience is nice. Amna have been very friendly and attentive to our needs.
Nur Sabrina Abd GhafurNur Sabrina Abd Ghafur
05:54 09 Dec 23
Amna is a very helpful waitress, thank you for serving us!
Mahira MazlanMahira Mazlan
11:15 08 Dec 23
Amna is the most attentive waitress you will find here. The food is really good and you will get world class treatment here.
Zahratul HusnaZahratul Husna
13:45 07 Dec 23
Nice environment. Staffs are all very nice and helpful especially Amnaa. Good experience.
John LiewJohn Liew
12:57 07 Dec 23
Great service by Amna! The food and attention to detail is utmost commendable. Will be looking forward to my next visit.
Salsabila KhalidSalsabila Khalid
10:55 07 Dec 23
Had pizza and onion rings. Pizza is great but onion rings too oily for my taste. The staff, Amna is very attentive.
Syazuin SazaliSyazuin Sazali
10:55 07 Dec 23
We ordered a pizza with onion rings as well as warm drinks. Everything is great.Amna served us really well and made sure we were comfortable and pleased with our visit. We will definitely come here again.
adibah parmanadibah parman
03:39 05 Dec 23
Spaghetti Aglio is superb🥰
13:43 04 Dec 23
Amna give a great service, and the food here is spectacular
Syazwan MohdSyazwan Mohd
13:42 04 Dec 23
Best experience and good vibe , good cs from amna
Santha MaichealSantha Maicheal
10:56 04 Dec 23
Darshini MuniandyDarshini Muniandy
10:56 04 Dec 23
Aiman SyafiiqAiman Syafiiq
13:39 03 Dec 23
Amna is a kind and good waitress
shafawaty chematnorshafawaty chematnor
13:38 03 Dec 23
Good food delicious amna good
13:33 02 Dec 23
All is nice, except serving the bundaberg root beef? The management should give more attention to what they serve in muslim country and most of their customers is a muslim..
Azmira IsmailAzmira Ismail
05:26 02 Dec 23
Everything is perfect .serve by amna
Pak JabitPak Jabit
05:25 02 Dec 23
The place is good..the waiter named amna is the best..they treat you very well
Ahmad AizatAhmad Aizat
13:25 01 Dec 23
Food was so yummy & amazing 👍🏻 ordered the buttermilk burger & smoked salmon pizza. Chef’s kiss 💋 Waiter named Amna was very attentive to our table & gave us the best service 👍🏻. However, the food does not have enough variety for children & parking spots were very limited as some of the space has been barricaded.
amnic tanmamnic tanm
08:06 01 Dec 23
the staff by the name of Amna have a very pleasant personality and provide great service. keep it up!
Erlina KhairuddinErlina Khairuddin
13:48 28 Nov 23
Always my go-to-place whenever I craved for good, delicious food. The service crew, especially Amnah was very attentive, polite and friendly ❤️. The ambiance here was really cozy and nice too!
Eira IsmailEira Ismail
12:25 14 Nov 23
Parking was quite easy. The place to dine is quite limited if you wish to go in a big crowdHave surau and airy washroom.The lava brownies was quite tasty and teh tarik too.Only wish can see the view outside, the bamboo or trees kind of blocking the view. Its not bad as it does feel like in a bamboo jungle.
Jeremy TeyJeremy Tey
13:42 08 Sep 23
Perfect place for a birthday dinner celebratory occasion. Service by the waiter and staff was on point and manager was checking with us with the food. Food arrived really fast despite there’s big group of guests for birthday. Food taste doesn’t disappoint every time we visit 👍🏻 Highly recommend the carbonara and lamb shank. This is the service and food we crave for in every restaurant. Will definitely visit again!
Hana BeeHana Bee
14:01 29 Jul 23
Staff was friendly and helpful, very alert on fulfilling whatever a customer needs. Love the ambiance, cozy and well maintained. The food was delicious but I would give it 9/10 as there can be a little improvement taste wise as the drinks are a little too sweet and fried calamari was on the salty side. Besides that, I ordered the basil pesto and I loved it. Clean and comfortable prayer space are also available. Toilet is clean as well. Would definitely come again next time 🤍
Zureka ZainalZureka Zainal
09:48 26 Jul 23
Visited for special occasion brunch with my family.The positives - food was undeniably the highlight of our visit. The menu offered an excellent selection of brunch options, and the dishes we ordered were nothing short of superb. The flavors were rich and enticing, and each bite left us wanting more. The kitchen's culinary prowess deserves praise, and it's evident that the chef takes great care in crafting delectable meals. Moreover, the ambiance of the restaurant was delightful. The private room we reserved had a cozy and inviting feel, making it perfect for a family gathering.However, there's a lot to improve:1. Food took much longer to arrive than expected despite making the order earlier.2. Some members of the staff lack attention to detail and communication - inadvertently spoiled a surprise we had planned for one of our family members resulted in a missed opportunity to make the occasion truly special. On the other hand, there were friendly and helpful staff members who tried their best to rectify the situation, but the damage had already been done.3. Lack of cleanliness and hygiene at the restaurant. The cutlery, table, and glassware were not washed and cleaned properly, which is a basic expectation at any dining establishment. This oversight left a negative impression on us, and it's an aspect that the restaurant needs to address urgently.4. Wrong items for our takeout despite placing the order carefully. It was evident that there was a lack of attention to detail and proper communication within the staff.I do see the potential of the restaurant to be an outstanding culinary destination with its delectable food and pleasing ambiance. However, it is essential for the management to address the service-related problems and hygiene issues to ensure a consistently enjoyable dining experience for all guests. I hope they take this feedback constructively and work towards improving these aspects. While I am torn in my opinion due to the highs and lows of our visit, I believe it's only fair to provide an honest review of our experience.

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